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Our initiatives will result in revolutionary new programming models and supporting infrastructure for higher education that are:Strategic: All UTx initiatives apply a highly strategic, market and consumer-driven approach to identifying and developing our transformational initiatives. ITL-funded projects serve high employment and student demand, draw upon extensive faculty and institutional support and evidence full alignment with campus strengths and priorities.


All UTx initiatives take an “islands of disruption approach” to innovation where, instead of trying to retrofit new models of education into incumbent systems, technologies and processes (that were designed to support heritage approaches), we work with campus leadership to reimagine the infrastructure for a 21st Century education from the ground up. The aim is to transform the student experience with next generation processes and technologies from the moment they apply through the moment they graduate and beyond.


All UTx initiatives must repay initial program development investment and be self-sustaining within a reasonable timeframe after launch. All program development and direct and indirect operating expenses are defined and built into programming financial models to allow for the delivery of high quality program operations and continued growth. Data generated across the experience will assist us to continually improve our ability to anticipate needs, enrich interactions, inform decisions and drive success.


All UTx initiatives are designed for scale and produce content, programming and technological assets that can be used across the System and beyond. At scale, our cross-institutional data pool grows larger and campus partner insights grow correspondingly richer. This permits us to work more effectively together to make the student experience more personalized and drive the development of a data set that is unprecedented in the history of educational research. In addition, with scale we will ultimately drive down the cost of a quality education, allowing us to serve more students more affordably.

Laser-focused on Success

All UTx initiatives place students as individuals at the center of all programming and related service design and development decisions. We work closely with campus leadership, faculty, and subject matter experts, as well as with select industry partners, to develop learning experiences that are engineered to deliver high fidelity content and learning environments (face-to-face, hybrid and online). These experiences are created to be delightfully engaging for both faculty and students and meet contemporary expectations for technology and media-rich experiences. All funded programming will offer 360-degree student lifecycle management services and encourage rich contexts for peer-to-peer mentorship, and knowledge and professional networking that will support students across their academic experience and throughout their careers.

Areas of Focus

Competency-Based Education

We’re working with faculty across the UT System to develop new models of competency-based education. The aim is to motivate and measure important critical learning and mastery of a subject, not mark time spent in a classroom. These industry-aligned, personalized and adaptive degrees and certificates will improve success, access and completion rates in areas where job demand is high.

Personalized Education

Students learn in different ways. Some are visual learners, some auditory or kinesthetic. Many thrive in group exercises. Others need uninterrupted focus. New technologies can adapt to each student’s unique strengths and his or her personal learning challenges.

We’re designing responsive, activity-powered paths towards mastery and proficiency. These new pathways will be customized to students’ learning needs and goals. Technology will help us adapt the learning experiences to students' preferences, skills and ability. Students are supported by a coach from the moment they apply to the time they graduate. Instructional assistance and faculty feedback are delivered through just-in-time data-informed interventions that allow educators to better support challenges and encourage strengths.

Accelerated and Affordable Education

Accelerated learning options will support students to move through programs on a customized path at their own speed. High-achieving students are able to save money by completing their program of study in less time, while still achieving the targeted outcomes of a high quality and rigorous UT degree.


To support new educational pathways that are competency-based, accelerated and offered at scale, we’re working with education technology partners to create an innovative collection of services, software and tools called TEx.

TEx stands for Total Educational Experience. It is a mobile-first, personalized, data-driven, industry-aligned platform. TEx is designed to support a range of innovative, high impact teaching methods in classrooms, laboratories and in the lives of today’s digitally savvy students. TEx engages students with premium UT curriculum that is created and led by our esteemed UT faculty.

TEx will serve as a vital resource in helping faculty, education coaches and administrators to provide a richer, more accessible experience for students while preserving the quality of a UT degree.

Student Lifecycle Management

Our educational approach will always keep student success as a foremost objective. With that goal in mind, we will be developing processes, analytics and 360 degree support structures – from admissions through graduation – that will serve as the foundation of our holistic student lifecycle management approach.


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